Build Your Own Lisp
Learn C and build your own programming language in under 1000 lines of code!


If you're looking to learn C, or you've ever wondered how to build your own programming language, this is the book for you.

In just a few lines of code, I'll teach you how to use C, and together, we'll start building your very own language.

Along the way we'll learn about the weird and wonderful nature of Lisps, how to develop a real-world project, concisely solve problems, and write beautiful code!

This book is free to read online, so you can get started now! Or, if you want to show your support, it is also available for purchase in all major E-Book formats.

I finally feel complete as a C programmer, having implemented my own Lisp. Every programmer should do something like this, at least once. One the greatest things I've ever found on the internet...
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